la gomera trekking – gr 132/GR 131

la gomera trekking – gr 132/GR 131

la gomera trekking – gr 132/GR 131 500 313 Hiking Blog

6 Days

122 km


7493 m

7493 m

La Gomera is the second smallest of the Canary Islands and one of the wildest. A hiking paradise with lovely palm trees, beautiful gorges and unique misty forest. Due to the mild climate all year round, you can plan a hike at any time of the year. In the summer months it can get very hot on the south side of the island. The people of La Gomera have created a network of paths that stretch across the entire island. It consists of many circular routes and route paths. On La Gomera there are two long-distance hiking trails GR 131 and GR 132.

The GR-132 is given as 120 to 140km, depending on the route. With its 42 km, the GR-131 is designed for 2 to 3 days. For our tour we combined the two paths as a circular tour.

When you follow the paths of La Gomera, you follow a long history. A story full of people who have adapted to the difficulties of this rugged island. We can now hike these paths and enjoy the wonderful nature, the interesting historical legacy and the biodiversity of the island of La Gomera. Most of these paths have survived to the present day and are part of this intricate and continuous network of paths that has allowed us to choose from a variety of routes. The GR-132 and GR-131 always form the main route.

The island is characterized by many terraced fields, dry stone walls and small settlements. The volcanic activity has now been going on for over 1 million years. The highest mountain on La Gomera is the Alto de Garajonay with a height of 1487 m. This is also part of our hiking route on the GR-131 through the heart of the island. In the mountains, laurel forests dominate the landscape. We follow the GR-132 along the entire coast.

La Gomera trekking – GR 132 und GR 131

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GR 132/GR 131 | Our Tour Guide for the 6-stages in 2023

122 km on the GR 132/GR 131 in La Gomera.

Starting point: San Sebastian

Ending point: San Sebastian

The GR 132/GR 131 – Our Tour Experience

The GR 132 circumnavigates La Gomera and the GR 131 crosses the island. We have combined both long-distance hiking trails into one 122 km long circular hiking trail. You can find detailed information about the route for our La Gomera hike in our tour guide.
The journey takes place by plane to Tenerife and from there by ferry to La Gomera. Means you can not fly to La Gomera! The ferry crossing takes 1 hour. The cost is approximately €50 per person. Starting on La Gomera is the capital San Sebastian. The GR-132 starts there.
You should be in good physical shape for the 122 km. The altitude and the heat can put a lot of strain on your circulation. It is essential to keep yourself hydrated. Sometimes you only have the opportunity to recharge in the evening.
You should also bring a certain amount of cash with you on this tour. In the smaller settlements you can often only pay with cash. Credit cards are not a problem in larger cities.
Our route as a circular hiking trail takes you through numerous smaller and larger settlements. However, there is not always something to eat or drink. As a rule, the opportunity arises 2-3 times a day.
For more information on specific accommodations, see our detailed report! As always, you can find the exact locations on our maps. Due to the landscape and the scarcity of water along the way, we decided not to bring a tent. We saw a few nice spots along the way. But these were always without water!
The route is characterized by very varied landscapes and climate zones. Scree paths alternate with gentle forest paths. Sturdy shoes are advisable.
Technically the GR 132 and GR 131 are not difficult. Rather, the heat is stressful. There is no drinking water on longer sections!

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