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Dientes de Navarino Trek

Wilderness trekking at the end of the world on Tierra del Fuego

Guestpost: Ines T., MOSER Active | Dec 2023

With clammy fingers, I clutched the armrests of the plane as we flew over the barren landscape of Tierra del Fuego. The images of the past few days fly past my mind’s eye: the endless expanses of Patagonia, the rugged peaks of the Andes mountain range, the roaring waves of the Atlantic. But now I’m on my way to a new adventure: the Dientes de Navarino trek, a four-day adventure in the wilderness of Tierra del Fuego.

When we arrive in Puerto Williams. We are warmly welcomed by our MOSER Active trekking guide and our porters. Together with them and our hiking guide for the next 4 days, we make our way to the starting point of our hike.

Through dense forests and stony scree

We make our way through dense southern beech forests, the damp forest floor soon giving way to stony scree. Again and again we have to cross swampy areas, rocky terrain and snowfields. It’s exhausting, but the breathtaking landscape makes up for all our efforts.

Breathtaking views

The route takes us over the Paso Australia and Paso de los Dientes passes. The path is steep and strenuous, but the view from the top is simply breathtaking. Deep below us stretches a sea of deep blue lagoons, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. We can even see the Beagle Channel in the distance.

Wild forces of nature

The trail leads us past beaver dams and small lagoons to Paso Ventarron. The name says it all: fierce gusts of wind whip us in the face and force us to descend quickly. We take a short break at Laguna Hermosa before hiking on to our next camp for the night.

Farewell to the wilderness

The last day of our hike takes us over the Paso Virginia plateau and through a varied landscape back to Puerto Williams. From wide meadows and dense forests to barren moorland – the landscape of Tierra del Fuego shows us all its diversity on this day.

Once we arrive in Puerto Williams, we review the impressions of the past few days. Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego have made a deep impression on us with their natural beauty and rugged wilderness. Deceleration, a thirst for adventure and the power of nature – this trip had a lasting effect on us.

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