Eggeweg – E1 Path | Germany

74 km - 3 days - easy/moderate

Eggeweg – E1 Path | Germany

Eggeweg – E1 Path | Germany 800 450 Hiking Blog

Tour information Eggeweg – Hermannshöhen

Distance: 74 km
Ascent: 1323 m
Descent: 1194 m
Difficulty: easy/moderate
Stages: 3 days


1 Externsteine to Eggeturm/Velmerstot, 8km
2 Eggeturm to shelter „Alte Eisenbahn“, 29km
3 “Alte Eisenbahn“ to Essentho „Eggehütte“, 30km
4 „Eggehütte“ to Marsberg, 5km

Map Eggeweg

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The 74 km long Eggeweg and the Hermannsweg form a 226 km long-distance hiking trail. This ridge path runs on the Hermannshöhen in the Egge Mountains in North Rhine-Westphalia. It forms a part of the European E1 long-distance hiking trail in Germany.

The Eggeweg leads from Horn Bad Meinberg (FFH protected area Externsteine) in the Teutoburg Forest over the ridge of the Eggegebirge to Marsberg in the Sauerland.

In Germany, the E1 route runs mainly on regional or overland hiking trails. The total length of the route in Germany is 1830 km.

Usefull information about the Eggeweg

We hiked a total distance of 74 km. As part of the E1 European long-distance path the Eggeweg Trail guids you through the landscape of the Naturpark Eggegebirge. The course over the egge ridge offers attractive views and sights. This top hiking trail is natural in most sections. Unfortunately, the many views from the cleared spruce stands are somewhat unsightly. The Eggeweg, which is integrated into the Hermannshöhe, offers numerous rest huts. These are in good condition and we used them for the night.

  • The long-distance hiking trail Eggeweg connects the Teutoburg Forest with the Sauerland. This hiking trail is well marked and most of the trail ground is natural. This path has been used historically for war and trade purposes, there are significant sections along the hike.
  • Orientation: white X and E1 hiking signs. The hiking trail runs in its entire length through a varied landscape, offering delightful views and sights.
  • The network of trails is well developed, due to the drought there is unfortunately heavy forest damage. This is common for many sections.
  • Take enough water and food with you. There aren´t drinkable streams or rivers available.
  • The tourist infrastructure is in place, most of the way you hike alone. Camping is possible, along the way there are many user-friendly shelters and some inns.

Our personal hiking report

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Video of the tour

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