Hiking Routes For Beginners

Hiking Routes For Beginners

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Selection criteria: Choose the right trail


Planning is everything, and finding the right hiking routes for beginners requires some thought. This is the only way to make your long-distance hike a great experience and not a nightmare.

The right choice of a hiking tour should be guided by a few questions.

  • How is my physical and mental fitness?
  • What hiking experience do I have?
  • In which terrain will I be traveling?
  • What distance do I want and can I cover?

General tips about multi-day hikes, equipment and behavior on the way can be found here >hiking>hiking-for-beginners

How is my physical and mental fitness?

Without the right gear like crampons it is a suiced mission.

Hiking is in our genes. This physical activity is the oldest man has explored this wonderful planet. We have everything it takes to immerse yourself in nature. With your own feet, our backs and an alert mind, you can discover the vast beauty of nature at your own pace. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.

Beginners usually hike a maximum of 4 kilometers per hour on relatively even ground. As a precaution, calculate a maximum of 2 kilometers per hour on mountainous hikes with steep ascent and descent. Especially at the beginning you should definitely not overestimate yourself. This is especially true in alpine terrain, where help can be far away!

What hiking experience do I have?

It is certainly an advantage to have already undertaken a few smaller day trips with a small backpack. You quickly notice whether hiking on uneven terrain is fun or not. You get to know yourself and your behavior better and better. What can I do without? Which everyday things are important to you? How is your metabolism? Go out into nature and experience. There is no better teacher than experience!

In which terrain will I be traveling?


Beginners should avoid high alpine terrain at the beginning. Better to start with long-distance hiking trails in the lowlands to low mountain ranges. Rough and steep terrain has a much greater impact on your physical and mental condition. Plan your tour so that you break in at the beginning. Perhaps put the strenuous altitude gain in the middle or at the end of your tour. What weather can I expect? It should also be noted that a difficult tour usually places higher demands on your equipment.

What distance do I want and can I cover?

Test yourself with day hikes of 15 to 20 kilometers. For a multi-day hike, lower the daily stages to 15 kilometers at the beginning. It is logical that more material has to be worn for a longer distance.


If you are planning your first hiking routes for beginners, maybe start with an overnight stay. Find relatively flat terrain. It is very important not to overestimate yourself! You can start with 2 day tours of 30 – 40 kilometers. After the first 10 to 15 kilometers you will quickly notice whether the shoes fit, the backpack fits well and your condition is sufficient.

“Even a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” (Confucius)

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