GR20 Route | Corsica

GR20 Route | Corsica

GR20 Route | Corsica 200 132 Hiking Blog

  13 Days

  180 km


  11.928 m

  11.913 m

The GR20 Corsica

In 13 days on the famous Grande Randonnée 20 (GR 20) across the mountains of Corsica. On one of the most demanding long-distance hiking trails in Europe.

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The GR20 – Our Hiking Experience

The long-distance hiking mountain can be easily recognized by the red and white marking. The waymarks are mostly painted on rocks or trees. Beware of poor visibility in the mountains. Even hikers have lost sight of each other and have strayed dangerously off the path.
The two endpoints Calenzana (north) and Conco (south) can be easily reached by bus / taxi. There are regular flights to Calvi in the north. Halfway there, the small town of Vizzavona can be reached by train.
The GR20 long-distance hike lives up to its reputation as one of the most demanding hiking trails in Europe. Those over 180 km require a certain amount of hiking experience. Otherwise, overconfidence can end fatally. In addition, a good physical condition is essential. Climbing equipment is not required. The repetitive, often long descent over boulders and boulders has no alternatives. Knee pain is the bitter aftertaste. The GR 20 has enabled us to experience the elements and our own body in new dimensions. The human encounters were very diverse and often very camaraderie. A “WE” feeling of the alpine community.
Take enough cash with you so you can buy something to eat and drink in the huts. A beer costs 7-8 EUR and hot meal 20-22 EUR!
On the GR20 you will pass 1-2 huts every day where you can take a break. Here you can get drinks and some snacks. A full board is not necessary. But it is highly recommended to take cereals, muesli bars, dried meat and instant rations. Foldable water bags have worked well and can be filled regularly at the Bergeries and Refugies.
With our tent we were independent at all times and had our own empire. Especially since the cabins always have to be booked well in advance. We wanted to stay spontaneous, the tent was the only alternative. Set up the tent near the huts hasn´t been a problem.
The GR 20 has quite a few special features to offer! The mountains of Corsica are breathtaking. Due to the Mediterranean climate, you can experience many different landscapes here.
Rapid changes in weather, vertical meters and long, steep descents force some hikers to take a long break. Many basalt surfaces become slippery when it rains. There are numerous exposed passages, secured here and there with iron chains and step irons.
Charging the batteries is understandably often charged, up to 2-3 EUR/h. Maybe using a solar panel like Base9 Solar is an alternative.

Stages we hiked

1. Calenzana to Refuge d´ Ortu di Piobbu, 10 km
2. Refuge d´ Ortu di Piobbu to Refuge de Carozzu, 8 km
3. Refuge de Carozzu to Haut Asco, 7 km
4. Haut Asco to Refuge de Tighiettu, 8 km
5. Refuge de Tighiettu to Castel de Vergio, 12 km
6. Castel de Vergio to Refuge de Manganu, 18 km
7. Refuge de Manganu (via Refuge de Petra Piana) to Refuge de L ‘Onda, 18 km
8. Refuge de L’ Onda to Vizzavona, 10 km
9. Vizzavona to Refuge de Capannelle, 15 km
10. Refuge de Capannelle to Refuge de Prati, 16 km
11. Refuge de Prati (via Refuge d´ Usciolu) to Refuge A Matalza, 23 km
12. Refuge A Matalza (via Refugee d´ Asinao) to Village de Bavella (Auberge du Col de Bavella), 20 km
13. Village de Bavella (via Refuge de Paliri) to Conca, 15 km

The GR20 is a long distance hike in Corsica. The 180 km trail traverses Corsica diagonally from north to south and follows the granite backbone of mountains. We hiked this tour in 14 days hiking two times two stages in one day. As always it depends on many parameters like weather or your fitness. Never underestimate the variation in height of about 10.000 m.

The weather can be the key to pass the Monte Cinto ridge which is about 2600 m. This hike on day 4 replaces the famous cirque of solitude, which closed following a tragic accident in 2015. Be aware of getting in touch with snow fields, strong wind gusts and rough terrain. We started in late June 2017 and it took us 14 days. Our daily walking time depending on the stages of course, was roughly 7-9 hours. Starting point was Calenzana. The nearby airport of Calvi is a good point to begin with.

For more information about the awesome hiking trip GR20 Corsica don´t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to watch our videos on YouTube and explore our other trails we´ve experienced for you!
Take care and go out and make it happen!

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