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Julian Alps | Slovenia

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Triglav Panorama

The Julian Alps hiking trail is located in northwestern Slovenia. The Triglav, impressive at 2,864 m, is located in the Triglav National Park of the same name. This demanding high mountain landscape was our goal for summer 2020. For this reason, we have divided the 53 km long hiking route into 7 stages. Mainly the tour was mostly in and on the border of the Triglav massif. It’s a round trip. With the result that the start and end point of our hike was Aljazev Dom. The hut is only approx. 15 km away from Mojstrana.

The Julian Alps are the highest mountain range in Slovenia. Numerous branched hiking trails lead through glacial valleys, between steep walls or over forest-covered plateaus up to the high peaks. The mountain huts offer a relaxed atmosphere with many local specialties.

Tour information 7 days roundtrip Julian Alps

Distance: 53 km
Ascent: 5665 m
Descent: 5665 m
Difficulty: hard
Stages: 7 days


For further information follow the stages below

1 Aljazev Dom to Triglavski Dom, 5 km
2 Triglavski Dom (Triglav) to Vodnikov Dom, 6,5 km
3 Vodnikov Dom to Dolicu „Triester Hütte“, 4,5 km
4 Dolicu to Trenta “Soča Valley”, 11 km
5 Trenta to Ticarjev Dom, 9 km
6 Ticarjev Dom to Poganikov Dom, 9 km
7 Poganikov Dom to Mojstrana, 8 km

Map Julian Alps

Detailed map including our overnight stays, altitude profile, images Click to follow

Usefull information about our Julian Alps Hiking Trail

A fantastically beautiful landscape, alternating paths and via ferratas. High alpine terrain requires endurance and suitable lothing. However via ferrata equipment is definitely recommended even though it is not mandatory. There is hardly any water in the area because of the karst rock. In the refuges card payments are possible and you don´t need sleeping bags. Showers only in some accommodations.

We highly recommend to become a member in an alpine club. For example, we have become a member of the Slovenian Alpine Club. Firstly, because it expires automatically after a year. Secondly, because it was much cheaper than other clubs. As a result, discounts for overnight stays, meals, etc.

  • The elaborated route leads around the Triglav massif in 7 stages. Hence the start and end point of Aljazev Dom. Camping in the Triglav National Park is strictly forbidden. In addition, the inhospitable terrain and the good huts make camping superfluous.
  • Orientation: Signposts to the next huts serve as orientation. The entire length of the hiking trail runs through a high alpine landscape and offers wonderful views.
  • The network of trails is well developed and adequately secured and marked. Markings are rarely missing on some longer sections.
  • Via ferrata: We recommend via ferrata equipment on some passages! Especially high-standing hikers release rocks.
  • Take enough water with you. Due to the karst rock, there are no streams or rivers with potable water. There is enough food in the huts.
  • A tourist infrastructure is available, most of the time you hike alone. The huts can get very crowded at times. Reservation strongly recommended in the short high season! There may be queues at the climbing passages. Especially on Triglav it gets very crowded as soon as the weather is good.
  • Membership in an alpine club is highly recommended. For example the Slovenian Alpine Club

Our personal hiking report

We invite you to read our story, experiences and adventures! First, because they come firsthand. Second, we offer a lot of additional information. Thirdly, we would like to take you on our hike through the Julian Alps and Triglav in a very private way. You are welcome to leave a comment. Click to read our hiking report

Video of the tour

For more information about the hiking trip Julian Alps – Triglav don´t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to watch our videos on YouTube and explore our other trails we´ve experienced for you!
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