Hiking Malerweg Saechsische Schweiz

Hiking Malerweg Saechsische Schweiz

Hiking Malerweg Saechsische Schweiz 600 338 Hiking Blog

  6 Days

  112 km


  3339 m

  3378 m

The Malerweg Trail

A 6 day hike on one of the most famous long-distance hiking trails in Germany. A hike through the Saechsische Schweiz National Park.

Experience hiking the Malerweg with us!

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Malerweg Trail – Our Hiking Experience

The hiking trail is completely signposted with the logo or a curved M.
The start and finish point, e.g. Pirna, can also be easily reached by bus and train. If you only hike a few stages, you may need a delivery service. You can walk the Malerweg as a loop or take day trips. That is why it is popular for families and day hikers. This network is ideal.
You should be in good physical shape. This path brings you a few meters in altitude on uneven terrain. Technical climbing skills are not required, although some cliffs are used for climbing.
You will need cash for some refreshments.
During your hike you will reach several dining facilities. There you can have your drinking water refilled free of charge.
Camping in nature is generally undesirable in Germany! Emergency bivouacs after dusk are generally tolerated. You should book accommodation in pensions or hotels early, especially in the high season. Special regulations apply in the national park. Always remember: leave the place as you found it!
There are many wonderful views along the Malerweg. Enchanted valleys, narrow paths and beautiful old deciduous forests. It is not without reason that the Saxon Switzerland National Park exists here
Some sections require more attention. Here you have to move along iron ladders or narrow walkways. There are also a large number of slippery stairs. Nevertheless, we saw many hikers with their dogs.

Stages we hiked

1. Pirna to Rathewalde, 24km
2. Rathewalde to Altendorf, 16km
3. Altendorf to Thorw. Brücke, 18km
4. Kleinsteinhöhle to Kleinhennersdorf, 22km
5. Kleinhennersdorf to Rauenstein, 20km
6. Rauenstein to Pirna, 12km


The Malerweg is one of the most famous trails in Germany. It is located in the Saxon Switzerland (Sächsische Schweiz), eastern part of Germany. The Malerweg has a distance of around 112km and shows you the beauty of the so called Elbe Sandstone Mountains. This route is mostly located in the National Park Saxon Switzerland. The landscape has secluded valleys, imposing table mountains rising out of the flatness and dense forests.

The Malerweg or Painters’ Path follows the tracks of the Romantic painters through the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland and is based on the historical standard route from the beginning of the 19th century.

For more information about the hiking trip Malerweg don´t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to watch our videos on YouTube and explore our other trails we´ve experienced for you!
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