Escapardenne Lee Trail | Luxembourg

53 km - 3 days - easy/moderate

Escapardenne Lee Trail | Luxembourg

Escapardenne Lee Trail | Luxembourg 600 450 Hiking Blog
Escapardenne Lee trail

The hiking route Escapardenne Lee Trail is part of the Escapardenne Eisleck Trail (104 km) which link Kautenbach (Luxembourg) and La Roche–en-Ardenne (Belgium). The walking track is not a loop it connects the important tourism centre Ettelbruck in the North of Luxembourg with Kautenbach.
The Escapardenne Lee Trail is well marked (blue/white) in both directions and divided up into 3 days of walking. Starting in Ettelbruck you´ll pass through several small villages to link the village of Kautenbach and its train station. This 53 km long Escapardenne Lee Trail crosses the Ardennes of Luxembourg with the steep paths and rocky ridges (“lee” in Luxembourgish) through the wooded valley of the Sure. Discover beautiful sites such as Gringlee in Bourscheid-Moulin, the Molberlee in Hoscheid or the atypical village of Dirbach. The Escapardenne region is rich in impressive forest scenes with surprising rock formations and nice rivers rattling.

Stages of the Escapardenne Lee Trail in Luxembourg

1 Ettelbruck to Bourscheid/Moulin (18,3 km)
2 Bourscheid/Moulin to Hoscheid (19,7 km)
3 Hoscheid to Kautenbach (15 km)

Read our story!

1 Ettelbruck to Bourscheid/Moulin

Arrived in Ettelbruck late morning we started behind the war monument “General Patton” to ascend through the forest of Erperlange. After a couple of kilometres we reached a plateau and a short excursion brought us to the ‘Predigtstuhl’ where we had a beautiful view of the meandering Sauer. In the dusk we continued on the Escapardenne Lee Trail and overlooked the landscape of Boursheid and his castle. We decided to camp right beside the path under an old oak tree and enjoyed a wonderful sunset. Made our dinner (pre-cooked pasta) with a hot cup of tea.

2 Burscheid/Moulin to Hoscheid

A steep descent of 220 meters brought us to a camping site (Buurschter Millen). Looking for a nice coffee we grabed two chairs and spent a while in the morning sun. Fully recharched we followed the Escapardenne Lee Trail beside the river Sauer which is impossible to hike during floodwater seasons. We had to cross a rail track and the trail climbed up again. On that path we saw the sign “Castle Boursheid“ and made a detour for a visit In doing so we hiked without our backpacks which have been hiden in the green. Not much later we walked to the hilltop to the ‘Arbre de Napoleon’, a tree planted to celebrate the birth of his son, Napoleon II. Later on the rock formations like needles were rising up straight into the air . That scene was amazing! After another ascents and descents we reached Goebelsmühle (Dirbach Plage) where we had coffee. Waiting for the rain to stop. A green, mossy and hilly fairyland built the environment for us before we entered the beautiful Molberlee, a rocky ridge that connects the valley with the village of Roscheid. This part of the Escapardenne Lee Trail was quiet challenging because of the rocky surface and the steep slopes. Finally we were happy to find a place to set up the tent in the twilight of that rainy day. This was at the egde of the town Hoscheid beside an art object.

3 Hoscheid to Kautenbach

Fortunately the sun was up again and we headed to Kautenbach. We followed the “Klangwee” a sound trail. We passed a valley with a youth centre, a former water mill (historical site). The Escapardenne Lee Trail and its landscapes varied from dense forest to beautiful meadows and green valleys with wooden bridges. Walking up and down we reached the camping site “Kautenbach”. With a smile on our face we enjoyed belgium Leffe beer, fries and a steak. Around 20 euro was the price for one tent and two persons. After a quit night beside the small river Clerve our gear was checked and in place for the next morning. Another 20 minutes through the town of Kautenbach our trip on the Escapardenne Lee Trail ended at the station. From there we took the train back to Ettelbruck where our car has been parked. The train connection between Kautenbach and Ettelbruck only takes 15 minutes and costs as little as 2 euro.


  • This Lee trail is perfect for a longer weekend. It´s not to much damanding, therefore possible with kids. The landscape has a wide diversity.
  • You´ll pass quiet a few cafes and restaurants. The tourism infrastructure wasn´t that much impressive. Keeping that in your mind be sure to support yourself with food and water suply. During our hike we met many very nice people who indeed were very generous.
  • Wild camping is possible even so it´s mostly prohibited in conservation areas like National Parks.
  • The trail is marked very well and because of this don´t by an expensive map. Print out our route!
  • We parked our car at the parking lot near the train station in Ettelbruck.

For more information about the Escapardenne Lee Trail – Luxembourg don´t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to watch our videos on YouTube and explore our other trails we´ve experienced for you!
Take care and go out and make it happen!

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