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We love to share our hiking experiences!

We love sun, rain and wind! – We love to hike!


A woman who loves her racing bike, running and a good cup of coffee.


A traveller and teacher who knows that experience is the greatest teacher of all.

Wandererfahrung and hiking experience are one! We offer a place where we want to inspire, to motivate and to help, realize your own hiking experience. We want your hike to be even better because we were able to.


At the beginning of 2021, the CAMPZ team nominated us with 56 other blogs in the “Hiking worldwide” category for the TOP outdoor blog.

Thanks to your support, we achieved a gratifying 4th place from scratch. We are very happy about this result! You give us the power to keep making good films and stories for you!

How it began!

The hiking experience has been a constant companion since childhood. Before 2016, we couldn’t imagine long-distance hiking trails becoming part of our lives. Until then, we never focused on hiking trails. In the past few years we have explored many long-distance hiking trails across Europe and our hiking experience grows with every kilometer. To explore unknown mountains and valleys, coastal strips and plateaus. Sport is an important aspect in our life, we believe in good fortune and therefore positive thinking is a matter of course! Hiking is easy and the perfect way to get around the world.

Here you´ll find detailed travel reports with information about routing, accommodation and special features. Our walking routes are accessible to everyone as an OpenStreetMap. You´re invited to leave a comment or visit our Youtube channel.

We love our sheep!
This is another story…

Your Hiking Experience

Claudia & Stefan

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