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Map & Stages – Eggeweg

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Stages of our tour Eggeweg Trail – E1, Juni 2020

1. Externsteine to Eggeturm/Velmerstot, 8km
2. Eggeturm to shelter „Alte Eisenbahn“, 29km
3. “Alte Eisenbahn“ to Essentho „Eggehütte“, 30km
4 „Eggehütte“ to Marsberg, 6km

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1 Externsteine to Eggeturm/Velmerstot (tent), 8km

Arrived by car with friends, we started from Horn-Bad Meinberg around 6.30 pm. Perfect hiking weather conditions are announced for the next few days. The Externsteine (stone monuments) are a striking sandstone rock formation in the Teutoburg Forest and therefore an outstanding natural attraction in Germany. The first part of the hike took us along the paths and the Heidelanschaft to Hermannsweg. The enchanted valley of the Silberbach, with the idyllic silver mill, is a place to stay. We continued through the forest over bridges to the highest peak of the Egge Mountains. The Velmerstot mountain range is the highest elevation at 468m. The Eggeturm is our daily goal, the panoramic view from the 17m high observation tower is overwhelming and the sunset on the Velmerstot was particularly beautiful that evening. The trail is well marked and easy to hike. We pitched our tent beside a bench near the wooden tower.

Velmerstot sunset near Eggeturm

2 Eggeturm to shelter „Alte Eisenbahn“(tent), 29km

Our hiking trail continues south in the early morning. On this part of the Stages Eggeweg we had far-reaching views of the Padderborn plateau and insights into the forested valley with a view of Altenbecken. Slightly uphill, then downhill again, the Eggeweg continues through shady beech forest. Past the Driburger gate to the parking lot at the “beautiful view”. As a small detour, we visited Iburg, which is located on a promontory. The Sachsenklause restaurant is right next to the historic ruins of the Iburg. A wonderful distant view over Bad Driburg, the Weserbergland, the Reinhardswald to the Solling. Because of this we had lunch on the garden terrace. The Egge Ridge Trail sometimes shows clearing of large areas in the pines. Towards evening we set up our tent in the new shelter “Alte Eisenbahn”. This shelter is situated not far away from the huge facility of the television tower.

This picture shows clearings of large areas in the pines.

3 Schützhütte „Alte Eisenbahn“ to Essentho „Eggehütte“ (tent), 30km

“Alte Eisenbahn” is the name of a ground monument in the Eggegebirge (abandoned tunnel construction site from 1847), near the Eggeweg. We spent a comfortable night in the shelter of the same name. The hiking path leaded us in the early morning on narrow forest paths through spruce forests past cultural and historical sights such as the Karlsschanze, little Hergott, Drudenhöhle and lazy hunter. The Schwarzbachtal nature reserve is a beautiful, broad-leaved forest complex alongside the stream. Then the next surprise, an ear museum in the middle of the forest. The former Blankenrode village has been brought back to life acoustically, at selected locations you can immerse yourself in the deepest Middle Ages. After a break in a café, we crossed the A44 motorway bridge in the Sauerland. Between Oesdorf and Essentho we found a very good place for our tent in the newly built Eggehütte.

As always we served ourselfs a delicous dinner. Set up the camera for the sunset und sunrise to get a nice timelapse. Therefor we´re using our GoPro8, IPhone8 or my old camera Lumix DMC100. Afterwards we played cards.

Set up the tent in the shelter Eggehütte.

4 „Eggehütte“ to Marsberg (tent), 5km

A sunny morning again! Only 5 km to Marsberg to go. Wide view of the Diemel Valley and the end of the tour in front of you. After breakfast with cereals and instant coffe we went through the village Essentho followed the country road, the Via Regia, which led us to Marsberg. Our last stage ends at the river Diemel.

Like the day before we had difficulties with our water supply. Therefore make sure you´re carrying enough water with you.

Last kilometers to Marsberg.

For more information about the E1 European Long distance path – Eggeweg don´t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to watch our videos on YouTube and explore our other trails we´ve experienced for you!
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