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camera gh5

Our new piece of gear: Panasonic GH5 - great for outdoor film making.

Hiking Experience takes pride in showing our hiking video to you. Some of the hiking tours has been captured on film over the last years. Below are a few videos — cinematic and inspirational – that highlight the experience, adventure & fun that we share. Enjoy!

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Hiking Video Gallery listed by date

January 2021 – Harz Border Trail

October 2020 – Eifelsteig

August 2020 – Karnischer Höhenweg

July 2020 – Julian Alps

June 2020 – Eggeweg

April 2020 – Heidschnuckenweg

October 2019 – Malerweg

July 2019 – Kungsleden

May 2019 – GR221

October 2018 – High Tatras

July 2018 – Skye Trail

May 2018 – Winterberger Hochtour

June 2017 – Escapardenne Lee Trail

October 2017 – Urwaldsteig Edersee

July 2017 – GR20

May 2017 – Leine-Werra Weg