GR221 Route | Mallorca

GR221 Route | Mallorca

GR221 Route | Mallorca 600 337 Hiking Blog

6 days

135 km


5863 m

5862 m

On the GR221 you can explore the Serra de Tramuntana of Mallorca. You hike the mountain range parallel to the northwest coast of Mallorca, which is only 15 km wide. It has at least eleven peaks higher than 1,000 m. The 140 km long long-distance hiking trail GR221 takes you from Port d’Andratx to Port d’Pollença in the north of the island.

Puig de Massanella

The highest mountain in Mallorca is closed by the military. It is the 1,365 meter high Puig de Massanella. The Mallorquins call the GR221 “La Ruta de Pedra en Sec”, no wonder why. The dry stone route or GR221 is the most famous and longest long-distance hiking trail in Mallorca. It gives adventurous hikers the chance to see the length of the island and the spectacular scenery in between.

Spring, autumn or summer?

Spring and autumn are good choices for hiking. It’s neither too hot nor too cold, although any season can be good. Although Mallorca enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with very little rainfall and an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, the Tramuntana mountains are changeable and temperatures can drop even in the warmer months.

Camping – yes or no?

Large parts of the route pass through private land and although you are allowed to cross, you may encounter farm animals. Therefore, be sure to close any gates you open, and generally leave everything as you found it. The same is true of camping. Officially not allowed. Should the emergency require it, leave the place respectfully!

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GR-221 | Our Tour Guide for the 6 stages in 2018

135 km in total, GR-221 Mallorca.

Starting point: Port d’Andratx

Ending point: Pollenca


GR221 – Our Hiking Experience

As a hiking trail, the GR221 leads through the Tramuntana mountains of Mallorca from Port d’Andratx to Port de Pollenca. The route is only partially signposted. Careful route finding and a keen eye for the cairns are therefore important.
The arrival and departure is relatively easy, as there are many connections to Mallorca. Public transport is well developed. Therefore, driving from Port de Pollenca back to Palma is a simple exercise. You can also simply aim for daily stages and drive back to your hotel in the evening.
Average fitness is sufficient for the 140 km. There aren’t any major climbs and the terrain is easily manageable even on other occasions. Hiking poles are especially useful when going downhill. If you need outdoor equipment (Intersport Kenya Outdoor) you have to go to Palma.
You should also take some cash with you on this tour. You pass through some larger towns, where EC machines can also be found. The prices are moderate.
Bring some food and plenty of water (2-4L/day depending on the season), maybe a coffee maker or self-sufficiency. On the GR221 you will regularly find restaurants, cafes and some shops.
Most of the time you go alone. Camping is possible, but officially not allowed. It’s best to ask locally. The refuges (hiking hostels) are often fully booked. So book in advance, especially in high season! It is expressly pointed out that camping in the national park is prohibited. It is important to us: We leave the bivouac as we found it!
The island of Mallorca offers a varied landscape with some climbs and particularly beautiful views over the Mediterranean Sea. The long-distance hiking trail GR221 alternates with sections through forests and barren rocks.
This tour is highly recommended in spring but nights are colder than expected. In the summer it can get pretty hot. Strong gusts and heavy rains with thunderstorms are common in the higher mountains. The weather ranges from pleasantly warm to blustery, especially when the Tramuntana wind sweeps over the mountains. Don’t forget sunscreen and rain gear.

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