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Our best hiking gear

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Hiking Essentials

Everyone is different and the gear should be adapted to your needs. If you´re beginning to start with trekking or walking along trails a good advice is to join people who are experienced with hiking. If you don´t know where to start what is essential, necessary or useful you might end up spending a lot of money for nothing at all.

Congratulation if you´ve accomplished a long distance walk. Then you know what I´m talking about. Nevertheless you might find some useful information in our articles. We don´t sell anything here or advertise any products. The following list is based on our walks over the last two years.

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The most important gear: Our Big Four

We all know there is a wide range of different needs and preferences. Experience makes it all!


The backpack is one of the top gear essentials! Of course you need a backpack which suits you. Female or male is the first question. Second the volume 40l, 60l or more? Over the last years the types and brands are just exploding. A good shop assistent can help you finding the type you need. Don´t worry you can´t make a big mistake. The backpacks for a long distance walk created by Osprey, Vaude, North Face or Fjäll Raven are all recomended. There are small differences in weight, material or special functions.


Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag


Tents for long distance walks should fullfill several aspects like lightweight, simple in use, robust materials, rain-wind-snow protection. Depending on the purpose of your trip you´re looking for a one, two or three person tent. Expedition tents have more space in generell. These types are often much more epensive and build for special purposes.


What kind of tent do you need?
We have been searching for a longer period to find the right home for us. The following thoughts worked as a guideline:
– The weight should be less than 2kg
– maximum space for 2 persons, not nessecary for the equiepment
– 3-4 season tent
– freestanding
– double wall
– affordable (up to 500€)

Finally we decided us for the “Marmot Tungsten 2p ul”
This tent is in use for already two years. It served us well in all kind of weather and site conditions. If you´re spending much time under snow conditions this might not be the right one because it has no snow flaps. It´s perfect for hiking in rough stony terrain, it doesn´t need “heringe”, it´s freestanding and needs little space.
We stuff the backpacks under the two apsiden. Put some flat stones, branches or walking poles beneath it in case of rain. Until now it worked well and everthing stayed dry.


There are so many discussions about hiking boots. If you´re searching the internet for walking boots you get lost! What is your destination? Is it a rocky mountain side maybe with snowfields? Do you have to wear crampons?
You´ll find boots categorized in A, B, C, D. If you´re walking around on average hiking trails the category B-C is a good choice. Higher up in high altitude range with snow and ice you defenetly need C or C-D.
What is most important take your time to choose the right ones! I was trying and asking for more then two month. I went into several outdoor shops ordered some boots tryed them on and checked them out. Since two years Claudia and I walked in our hiking boots without any blisters! So try and try and take your time. This peace of gear is worth it!

hiking boots

Accessories and Clothing

  • Trekking Poles: Leki – Carbonlite XL
  • Hardshell Jacket: Norrona M BITIHORN SUPERLIGHT DOWN900
  • Pants: Norrøna – Trollveggen Flex1 Pants

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