Hiking tips to go outdoor

Hiking tips to go outdoor

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Hiking Tips and Experience in Alphabetical Order

A good, enjoyable and safty hiking tour depends on many things. What kind of experiences do you already have? Are you prepared in terms of fitness, routing or clothing? Is your backpack well packed for a long distance hike. These are some of the most important hiking tips and hints we can offer to help you better enjoy your hiking experience.
Most of all, have fun and enjoy!
View the full list of our tips in alphabetical order. This list covers the important aspects of our experience, although we don’t have every single tip listed here. Feel free to send us your great tips.


Footwear is one of the most important items you need to choose, and it’s a very personal choice. Check out for further information “gear


We use a combination of an IPhone and a compact camera “Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX100” These two items consume less energy and are rechargebly via USB-Powerbank.


When you enter an outdoor shop you realize that this field is undiscribable.
What can we advice? First of all take your time to find the right clothing. Read reports, searching the internet. What are you looking for? Is it something you realy need? Keep in mind every single sock, T-shirt or short has it’s weight! Forget cotton instead use merino whool. The same for socks, don’ wear cotton socks!
Our experience is don’t go for the cheapest, if you know what you want spent money as an investment. Remember “Keep it simple, bring a less of everthing, except food.”


It is always the same: you need an Id, travel documents and money. These three things are the most important of all. Therefore check whenever you leave a place that these belongings are with you! You get used to it. If we plan to travel abroad we just scan our documents and upload them via Email.


On most trails you’ll find at least every 2-3 days a shop, restaurant, hostel where you can charge your divices. In remote areas we use our solar system “Solarlader Base9 + Powerbank with 5Ah” which is connected with the thin powerbank.

First Aid

Don’t forget your own little first aid kit. Get use to it, practise at home and check before leaving. Plaster, bandage, szissors, pinzette, pain killers, desinfection   etc.


Check out for further information “food


The purpose is to extend the durability of the tent floor by limiting the abrasion that can occur between the tent and the floor. This underlay also protects against the ingress of moisture and cold. All you need is a plastic sheet that is sturdy enough to withstand repeated use and wide and long enough to protect your tent floor. In cold and wet landscapes it is useful as a layer to sit on. We use a “Exped Doublemat Evazote”.


Until now we havn´t bought any maps at all! We use small guide books, maps included or simply make prints from websites. It is common to use handheld GPS  (e.g. Garmin). You have to think twice if this is something you need. Wen don´t use it because it needs electricity, the weight and it is something more you have to look after.


Split the money and put it in different spots like backpack, throuthers or belt. In most travel areas there is the possibility to get cash from ATM. In some countries such as Sweden you can often only pay with credit cards. Therefore take cash and card.


Check out for further information “gear


Hiking or walking pols can be very usefull if you use them correctly. We just share one pair of poles. That reduces weight and gives you all the assistance you need. We practised this very successful on many trails. We have supberb experiences with “Leki – Carbonlite XL”.

Sleeping bag

Check out for further information “gear


Make sure you wear socks without cotton! Purchase special trekking socks. Many hikers wear two layers of socks to avoid blisters. We never ever had blisters! 🙂


Never under estimate the amount of water you need during the day. Depending on the region it is absolutely nesseccary to carry all the water you need for a specific period. Therefore “foldable bags” (500ml or 1l) are quiet usefull. Our bottle we use outside the backpack is simply a water bottle you can buy in any shop. These plastic bottles are flexible, cheap and easy to clean.

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