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Map & Stages – Julian Alps

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Stage report of our tour Julian Alps, Slovenia, August 2020

1 Aljazev Dom nach Triglavski Dom, 5km
2 Triglavski Dom (Triglav) nach Vodnikov Dom, 6,5km
3 Vodnikov Dom nach Dolicu „Triester Hütte, 4,5km
4 Dolicu nach Trenta “Soča Valley”, 11km
5 Trenta nach Ticarjev Dom, 9km
6 Ticarjev Dom nach Poganikov Dom, 9km
7. Poganikov Dom nach Mojstrana, 8km

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1 Aljazev Dom to Triglavski Dom, 5km

The first of our 7 stages began at Aljazev Dom. Therefore we got from Mojstrana into the upper Vrata valley towards Aljazev Dom. Parked the car at a parking lot free of charge for 7 days. The first night in the Aljazev Dom hut with half board cost € 60. After this overnight stay we started our first stage at 8 in the morning. After a good breakfast we set off, as always, highly motivated. The weather was mixed.
Behind the large snap hook, an monument, you turnoff over a river bed. We kept to the left. Through very dense deciduous forest on a steep root path it went steadily higher and higher.

View from Aljazev Cathedral towards the north face of Triglav.

2 Triglavski Dom to Vodnikov Dom, 6,5 km

In this 2nd stage we wanted to climb Triglav (2864m), the highest peak in Slovenia. The night was stormy and cold. We waited in vain for good weather. Despite the weather, we started walking around 10:00 a.m. We first went down through a saddle to climb the north side of the Triglav. On nice days, large crowds make the pilgrimage to this mountain.

Ropes, steel chains and steps make climbing easier. For instance if the conditions are worth like rain, strong wind or even ice. Rockfall is another source of danger because the path zigzags. Climbers hiking higher can accidentally kick stones. A narrow ridge leads to the main summit. Because of the bad weather conditions, there were hardly any other mountaineers. Suddenly we were standing in front of the tin tower, an important symbol (Aljazev Stolp, 2864m). Due to the bad weather conditions there was only a short break. We went back the same way. Our final destination for this day was Vodnikov Dom, a cozy and rarely overcrowded hut.

Accompanied with rain and fog we finally reached he summit Triglav (2664m).

3 Vodnikov Dom to Dolicu „Triester Hütte“, 4,5 km

Breakfast again from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. This morning we walked south-west through a larch forest down into a beautiful valley. We followed the trail always upwards to the rigde. Continue past some gravel plains until we reached the small hut Koca na Dolicu (2151m) on the edge of the karst plateau. It was just noon and the weather was finally getting better. The pretty refuge, also known as the Triester hut, is a small, simple refuge. No possibility to shower or recharge electronic devices, outhouse and only one sink for everyone.

Alternative route to Triglav
You can also get to the Triglav peak from here in 2 hours. This is clearly visible on the map with the stages. Kanjavec (2569m) stands in its shadow, we went up to the summit without our backpacks. An easy path over interesting rock formations. Shortly before the summit, a wire rope helps over a 10m high rock step. It is one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains with a wonderful panoramic view of the lake landscape of the Julian Alps in the south.

Arrival at Koca na Dolicu (2151m).

4 Dolicu to Trenta “Soča Valley”, 11 km

In the morning we started at 9:00 am with sunshine. The path winds in tight serpentines through the steep wall towards the valley. This impressive path was carved into the rock because of war. Rocky stone flanks high above the bottom of the gorge, further and further down to Trenta. After a few hours, the first larches and beeches appeared. We crossed an old stone bridge and walked towards the Zadnjica parking lot. Past beautiful old farmhouses into civilization. We highly recommend the Zadnjiac valley.

Trenta a nice place
Again and again we had a beautiful view of the Luknja saddle. That’s the other side of the north wall. The landscape is impressive with high rock formations and the waterfalls are particularly beautiful.
We finally reached the pretty town of Trenta via a forest road.
This time we had an accommodation through Booking com. A cosy room in Accomodation Zorc.
Trenta is a pretty place with a supermarket, pizzeria, museum and bus connections.

The Soca flows through the Soča Valley and forms the emerald green sections downstream.

5 Trenta to Ticarjev Dom, 9 km

From Trenta our way led us along the Soča River. On this sunny morning of the 5th stage we crossed the place towards the tourist information. After we had crossed a small tributary of the Soča, we came to a forest path. The first few meters were uphill in steep serpentines. On the way we discovered a couple of old ruins. We were able to understand very well that the Soča is the most beautiful river in the Alps. The crystal clear water that shimmers emerald green in many places attracts our eyes again and again. The Soča Trail passes Alpinum Juliana (Slovenia’s only alpine botanical garden) and is the oldest park trail in Triglav National Park.

At noon we reached the hut below the source (Izvir Soče). Then we turned north into a beautiful mountain forest. We wound our way back up parallel to the Vrši pass. The wonderful mountain panorama is great and our goal for that day is Tičarjev dom na Vršiču (1618 m). Being alone changes when you come near the hotel. Many day tourists come to this place. Perhaps also to see the face of Ajdovska deklica, the legend of the rock face.

6 Ticarjev Dom to Poganikov Dom, 9 km

The highlight of the day should be the ascent of the Razor (2601m). The alarm clock rang at 4:30 a.m. A silent start into dawn. We weren’t the only early hikers. Behind the information board we followed the path up to the green meadows. The path continued through a scree slope on the western flank of Prisojnik (2547m). Our original plan was to go over the Prisojnik. The route via Prisojnik was blocked due to a rock fall situation. We would have loved to see the rock arch or the famous rock window. So our route continued on the western flank.

On the summit of the Razor (2601m).

Rock formations clearly show us the route. A steep via ferrata led the last 20m to the summit. Then after 6 hours we were on top. The Razor lives up to its name as a “torn mountain”. The view towards the Martuljek group is unique.
Our destination for the day was Poganikov Dom (2050m). We followed the marked path through the rock rubble, descending, and reached the hut at 2 pm. Shortly before the Poganikov hut, the view opens down into the Soča valley. So beautiful!

7 Poganikov Dom to Mojstrana, 8 km

We left the nice hut and followed the trail slightly uphill over rocky terrain. Past the two upper Kriz lakes. We quickly came to a junction which led to the right to the Vrata Pass. The weather was so beautiful that we wanted to do an additional ascent to another summit on our last day. It didn’t seem to be that far up to the Stenar (2501m). The rubble-riddled summit slope of the Stenar was uncomplicated, past the ibex and herd of chamois. They were completely unimpressed. A magical moment for us! At the summit of the Stenar there was again a wonderful panorama. The view was terrific, we overlooked the Julian Alps almost unhindered. A pleasure and above all a compensation for the fog soup on the Triglav. This towered majestically in the southeast.

Sunset near Dolicu Dom.

Now came the arduous, seemingly endless descent back into the Vrata valley. First over rocks, then left through a rubble channel, the path meandered down in numerous serpentines. Our knees ached and the end was only in sight when we finally reached the wooded area again. Tired and sweaty we reached the Aljazev Cathedral again. After a short rest, the spirits returned and we walked the last few meters to the car. The aim was now to find accommodation in Mojstrana.

For more information about the roundtrip Julian Alps- Triglav don´t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to watch our videos on YouTube and explore our other trails we´ve experienced for you!
Take care and go out and make it happen!

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