Heidschnuckenweg | Germany

Heidschnuckenweg | Germany

Heidschnuckenweg | Germany 600 337 Hiking Blog

  5 Days

  136 km


  410 m

  441 m


The Heidschnuckenweg Trail – E1

A 5 day hike from Buchholz i.d. Nordheide to Celle through the heathland of Northern Germany. A long-distance hiking trail through the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park.

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Heidschnuckenweg Trail – Our Hiking Experience

The hiking route in that area is completely signposted with the St. Andrew’s cross or an H (Heidschnuckenweg).
Arrival and departure can be easily organized by public transport.
The trail in this section is not very demanding. Some sections lead for miles on forest roads through pine forests. That can be a little demotivating.
As always, a mix of cash and credit card is the right choice.
There are always places to stop for refreshments along the way. You also get through small towns where you can replenish your supplies.
To bivouack or Camp along the path isn´t a problem but if you want to stay in pensions or hotels make shure to book in advance, especially in main season.It should be expressly pointed out that camping in the national park is prohibited. It is important to us: We leave the bivouac as we found it!
The heathland in northern Germany is a centuries-old cultural landscape. Many old half-timbered houses still exist here.
There are no special safety instructions for the Heidschnuckenweg Trail.
Avoid August / September if possible. During this time, a lot of day tourists walk around there to experience the heather blossom.

Stages we hiked

1. Buchholz i.d. Nordheide nach Undeloh, 25km
2. Undeloh to Bispingen/Soltau, 27km
3. Bispingen to Soltau/Lührsbockel, 23km
4. Soltau to Hermannsburg, 30km
5. Hermannsburg to Scheuen/Celle, 28km
6. Scheuen/Celle to Celle, 3km


For more information about the hiking trip Heidschnuckenweg don´t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to watch our videos on YouTube and explore our other trails we´ve experienced for you!
Take care and go out and make it happen!

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