Naturparkweg Leine-Werra | Germany

98 km - 5 days- easy/moderate

Naturparkweg Leine-Werra | Germany

Naturparkweg Leine-Werra | Germany 600 338 Hiking Blog

The Naturparkweg Leine-Werra leads you on marked, mostly natural trails from Heilbad Heiligenstadt to Creuzburg. One of the most varied hiking trails in the southern Eichsfeld-Hainich Natural Park leads partly along the former border of West and East Germany. A varied area that rewards with some climbs and beautiful views across the country. The Naturparkweg Leine-Werra alternates with sections stretching through valleys and along rivers. The 98 km long trail leads along castle ruins, pilgrimage chapels and old half-timbered villages. The Naturparkweg Leine-Werra leads partly along the former border of West and East Germany.

The stages of our Naturparkweg Leine Werra in Germany, April 2017

1 Heilbad Heiligenstadt to Martinfeld (22.5 km)
2 Martinfeld to Luttermühle (16 km)
3 Luttermühle to Lengenfeld unterm Stein (18.5 km)
4 Lengenfeld under the Stein to Treffurt (22 km)
5 Treffurt to Creuzburg (19 km)

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1 Heilbad Heiligenstadt to Martinfeld (22.5 km)

Arriving by car, we started at 2 pm. We have parked the car in a free parking area near the tourist information. There is an information board of the Naturparkweg Leine-Werra. This path has the mark red square on a white background.
The first kilometers stretched through a beautiful mixed deciduous forest. After another seven kilometers we reached the village of Luther. Not exactly a busy place! Then the Naturparkweg Leine-Werra steadily ascent to the Nature Park Center Fürstenhagen (480 m). Here we had a little rest and enjoyed our cereal with milk from a friendly local resident. Soon we arrived at the Dieteröder Cliffs. Here you have a beautiful view of the countryside. Around 7:30 pm we reached our destination Martinfeld. Martinfeld offers an overnight stay in the youth hostel “Schloss Martinfeld“.

hostel “Schloss Martinfeld“.
Hostel Schloss Martinfeld

2 Martinfeld to Luttermühle

A hospitable hostel father served us a rich breakfast the next morning. Around 10 am we left. Through deciduous forests we reached the pilgrimage chapel “Klüsche Hagis”. Continuing the Naturparkweg Leine-Werra through the Westerwald, we finally went slightly downhill into the water-rich Luttergrund. This landscape is criss-crossed with several pretty watercourses. To defy the rain we finished our tour just before Großbartloff and stayed in the country hotel “Zur Luttermühle” (24 EUR). The operators were not adjusted to walkers, but the dinner and breakfast was delicious. At night you could listen to the sound of the river.

water-rich Luttergrund
Little stream near Lutermühle.

3 Luttermühle to Lengenfeld unterm Stein (18.5 km)

After breakfast we moved towards Großbartloff. Also this place looked sleepy, but had a supermarket. On the edge of this village is the 10 m high Lutter waterfall. We hiked through the romantic village of Wilbich. The route climbs steadily and soon you reach the Franciscan monastery on the Hülfensberg. At this place we took a little rest. A short steep descent through wooded terrain and the Naturparkweg Leine-Werra was leveled again. Around 6 pm we entered the place Lengenfeld on a Saturday evening. There was no rest here. And so we hiked a little bit further uphill out of town into the forest area “Obereichsfeld”. Here we set up our camp. Since we were on this tour without a stove, there was once again cereal in the evening. So we put ourselves early in the tent.

4 Lengenfeld under the Stein to Treffurt (22 km)

Without breakfast in the hope to get a coffee in the village of Faulungen we started early with our backpacks. The first three kilometers of the Naturparkweg Leine-Werra went uphill. A magnificent vantage point “Faulunger Stein” (400 m) allowed a panoramic view of the landscape of the “Eichsfeld Hainich Werratal Nature Park”. On this sunny Easter Sunday we were lucky enough to get a cup of coffee. A nice family offered us this present along their street. The trail climbs up and down and leads increasingly through open landscapes. This region was the former inner German border area. A single information board remind of this time. At 4 pm we arrived in the small town Treffurt. Our destination was the Hotel Waldblick (90 EUR). Alternative accommodations were not available on the Naturparkweg Leine-Werra in that area. This privately run hotel was solid.

River Werra
River Werra in spring.

5 Treffurt to Creuzburg (19 km)

In this section we hiked along the river Werra. A river that gives the name for this Naturparkweg Leine-Werra. The first 10 km run horizontally along the Werra shore. Between Falken and Falkenroda it´s a meadow landscape. Historically, this section is interesting because the farmer leader Thomas Müntzer has kept his sermons here nearby the rock fomations. Behind Falkenroda, the forest road climbed steadily and the emerging name “paradise” did not fit well with this section of the trail. Behind Scherbda there were another 6 km to Creuzburg. The Naturparkweg Leine-Werra ends after 98 km in a stone archway in the city of Creuzburg. After another overnight stay in this city we took the bus to Eisennach the next morning. From there by train back to Heilbad Heiligenstadt, back to the car, where we arrived at 3 pm.

End of the trail in Creuzburg
End of the Leine-Werra trail in Creuzburg.


  • The trail is well marked and moderate. The Naturparkweg Leine-Werra is certainly an interesting way to get to know the border area of the former East-West Germany. During the hike on the Naturparkweg Leine-Werra, you only meet a few like-minded people.
  • Because of a lack of infrastructure put a certain amount of food in your backpack. There are rest stops available, but very limited. For this, enough cash should be taken, as credit card payment is not technically possible everywhere.
  • Wild camping is possible. Please follow the “hiker´s rule”.
  • Arrival and departure by public transport is also no problem.

For more information about the Naturparkweg Leine-Werra don´t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to watch our videos on YouTube. and explore our other trails we´ve experienced for you!
Take care and go out and make it happen!

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