Hiking Trails in Germany and Europe

Long Distance Hikes in Europe and Germany

Our Top European and German Hiking Trails

Long-distance hiking trails in Germany and Europe offer breathtaking landscapes, challenging paths or demanding vertical meters. Hiking Experience only introduces you to trails that we have explored ourselves. Neither of these routes is necessarily easy to tackle, but the challenge of completing these beautiful and adventurous hikes is part of the fun.

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Whether it’s a hut to hut hike in the mountains, a round trip or island crossings. Long-distance hikes are a challenge from many perspectives. Our aim is always to be light and independent when traveling with a tent and backpack. Our selected hiking trails offer something for everyone. The dramatic and peaceful north of Europe with the legendary Kungsleden. Hiking routes in the south with its warm and sunny landscape and the famous, toughest GR20 in Corsica. Here you will find our stories, our experiences that we made while hiking countless kilometers across this continent.







Playlist of our Top Hiking Trails in Europe und Germany on our YouTube Channel.

German Trails

European Trails

If you’d rather look for inspiration, check out our playlist. We created one for German long-distance hiking trails and one for European trails.

If you are looking for a specific hiking trail that we have taken, you will find it below. You can search for specific characteristics in the table, such as distance, difficulty or duration.

Carnic Peace Trail (Austria)August 2020moderate7 days131 km
Tour Julian Alps (Slovenia)July 2020hard6 days54 km
Eggeweg (Germany)May 2020easy/moderate3 days74 km
Heidschuckenweg (Germany)April 2020easy/moderate5 days136 km
Malerweg (Germany)Oktober 2019easy/moderate5 days112 km
Kungsleden (Sweden)July 2019hard13 days300 km
GR221 (Mallorca)April 2019moderate6 days140 km
Tour High Tatras (Slovakia/Poland)October 2018hard5 days43 km
Skye Trail (Scotland)July 2018moderate7 days128 km
Escapardenne Lee Trail (Luxembourg)May 2018easy/moderate3 days53 km
Urwaldsteig Edersee (Germany)October 2017easy/moderate3 days68 km
GR20 (Corisca)July 2017hard14 days180 km
Winterberger Hochtour (Germany)May 2017easy/moderate4 days85 km
Naturparkweg Leine-Werra (Germany)April 2017easy/moderate5 days95 km

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Long-distance hikers talk a lot about terms like e.g. long-distance trails, trekking trails, or thru hikes. What they all have in common is that hikers and adventurers spend several days and nights with a backpack while on trek. As a rule, the long-distance hiking trail leads over several hundred kilometers through one or more countries. In addition, the individual countries show different standards for evaluating their paths. On our hike in the High Tatras, the stages required a higher level of demands than, for example, in Austria.





Pick up a pen, a small notebook, your old walking shoes and immerse yourself in what John Muir calls “That Great Show” of nature. Follow the hiking trails!

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