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Our Top Long-Distance Hikes – Europe and Germany

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Long-distance hikes in Europe and Germany offer breathtaking landscapes, challenging paths or demanding vertical meters. Hiking Experience only introduces you to trails that we have explored ourselves. Neither of these routes is necessarily easy to tackle, but the challenge of completing these beautiful and adventurous hikes is part of the fun. Each path on the list is linked to our detailed page with maps, gpx, reports and more usefull information. Download this list of long-distance trails for free!

Our Top 20 hiking trails

5 of the best Long-Distance Hikes in Europe and Germany

Whether it’s a hut to hut hike in the mountains, a round trip or island crossings. Long-distance hikes are a challenge from many perspectives. Our aim is always to be lightweight and independent when traveling with a tent and backpack. Here at Hiking Experience, we love exploring the unkown of walking trails in Europe and have picked out just five of the best long-distance walks for you to browse ahead of your next hiking adventure.

Kungsleden Trail

Embark on an exhilarating adventure through Sweden’s Kungsleden Trail, a 270-mile long-distance hiker’s paradise. Traverse breathtaking landscapes, from lush valleys to snow-capped mountains. Encounter crystal-clear lakes, roaring rivers, and enchanting forests. Challenge yourself with steep ascents and cross suspension bridges. Stay in charming mountain huts and witness the magical Northern Lights. Summit Sweden’s highest peak, Mount Kebnekaise, for panoramic views. Perfect for all hikers seeking an unforgettable journey. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime on the Kungsleden Trail!

Skye Trail

The Skye Trail in Scotland is an 80-mile long-distance hike that takes hikers through stunning landscapes, including the iconic Cuillin Mountains and the enchanting Fairy Pools. This challenging trail offers panoramic views of the Scottish Highlands, as well as opportunities to explore ancient castles and traditional villages. With its rugged terrain and rich cultural heritage, the Skye Trail promises an unforgettable adventure for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a true Scottish experience.

Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne, HRP

The HRP Pyrenees is a captivating long-distance path that stretches across the stunning Pyrenees mountain range, offering hikers an unforgettable adventure. Spanning approximately 800 kilometers, this trail takes trekkers through breathtaking landscapes, from lush valleys to rugged peaks. The HRP Pyrenees is renowned for its challenging terrain, demanding physical endurance and mental resilience. Along the way, hikers encounter diverse wildlife, picturesque villages, and ancient ruins, immersing themselves in the rich history and culture of the region. This epic journey provides an opportunity to disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with nature, leaving hikers with a profound sense of accomplishment and a lifetime of cherished memories.

GR 221

The GR 221 Mallorca is a long-distance hike that promises an exhilarating adventure through the stunning landscapes of the Balearic Island. Spanning over 135 kilometers, this trail takes hikers on a journey through rugged mountains, picturesque villages, and breathtaking coastal cliffs. The diverse terrain offers a thrilling challenge, with steep ascents and descents that test both physical endurance and mental resilience. Along the way, hikers are rewarded with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, lush forests, and ancient ruins. The GR 221 Mallorca is not just a hike; it is an unforgettable experience that immerses adventurers in the natural beauty and rich history of this enchanting island.

GR 20

The GR 20, also known as the Grande Randonnée 20, is a legendary long-distance hike that traverses the rugged and breathtaking landscapes of Corsica, France. Spanning approximately 180 kilometers, this challenging trail offers hikers an unforgettable adventure through mountainous terrain, dense forests, and crystal-clear rivers. The GR 20 is renowned for its technical difficulty, with steep ascents, treacherous descents, and narrow paths that test even the most experienced hikers. However, the reward is immense, as the route showcases stunning vistas, picturesque villages, and encounters with diverse wildlife. Embarking on the GR 20 promises an exhilarating journey that pushes physical limits while immersing oneself in the untamed beauty of Corsica.

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