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Lightweight Hiking in 5 Steps: Embrace the Adventure with a Lighter Load

Guestpost: Patrick, wanderspirit | May 2024


Have you ever heard of the term “ultralight hiking”? It’s a concept that emphasizes minimizing the weight of your backpack while trekking or backpacking. In this guest post by Patrick from Wanderspirit, he shares his insights and practical tips on how to embark on ultralight hiking adventures.

What is Ultralight Hiking?

Ultralight hiking is generally defined as carrying a base weight of less than 5 kg (11 lbs). This excludes food, water, and fuel. It’s about being mindful of your gear weight and making conscious choices to reduce it. While ultralight hiking might seem extreme, it’s not about depriving yourself of necessities; it’s about finding smarter ways to pack and prioritizing what you truly need.

5 Steps to Ultralight Hiking

  1. Mindset Shift:
    • It’s not about perfection; it’s about a conscious effort to lighten your load.
    • Consider how a lighter pack enhances your hiking experience.
    • Gradually adopt the ultralight philosophy without compromising quality or safety.
  2. Declutter and Evaluate:
    • Reflect on your previous hikes and identify items you didn’t use.
    • Scrutinize your packing list and eliminate non-essentials.
    • Remember: a first-aid kit is always essential.
  3. Downsize Your Backpack:
    • A smaller backpack forces you to be more selective with your gear.
    • Aim for a backpack under 50 liters, unless you’re on extended trips.
There’s simply too much that can fit into a large backpack.
  1. Clothing: Embrace Minimalism and Versatility:
    • Accept that some odor is inevitable while hiking.
    • Pack just two T-shirts: one for daytime and one for sleeping.
    • Limit underwear and socks to three pairs each.
    • Utilize natural water sources for washing clothes.
  2. Footwear: Choose Wisely:
    • While not directly contributing to backpack weight, proper footwear can make hiking easier.
    • Consider barefoot shoes for a lighter and more comfortable experience.
    • Prioritize lightweight hiking shoes if barefoot shoes aren’t your preference.

Embrace the Ultralight Experience

Ultralight hiking is a journey of continuous refinement and adaptation. It’s about enjoying the outdoors without being weighed down by excess gear. Remember, it’s not about the destination but the journey itself. As Patrick puts it, “I enjoy putting my gear under the microscope, or rather, the scale, time and time again. But most of all, I love being out there, preferably completely carefree.”

Visit Patrick’s Blog for More Insights:

For more inspiration and guidance on ultralight hiking, check out Patrick’s blog, Wanderspirit.de, where he shares his hiking adventures and expertise on outdoor gear and experiences.

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